SYNC Software Update

  1. 1. Prep for Download
  2. 2. Unzip File & Move to USB
  3. 3. Install Files to SYNC
  4. 4. Report Update to Ford

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Install updates to SYNC in your vehicle


Take the loaded USB drive to your vehicle.


Start your vehicle and plug the USB drive into the SYNC USB port.

Make sure your vehicle is turned on and running.

Can't find the SYNC USB port in your vehicle?
Check your Owner's manual to see where it's located.


Start the software update process in your vehicle. Then, wait for the update files to completely install to SYNC.

For step-by-step help on how to initiate a SYNC software update in your vehicle, visit our How to install SYNC Software Updates page or email the instructions to a mobile device.

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NOTE: Once you have successfully installed the software update in your vehicle, you may need to re-enter any saved Navigation points and repair your phone with SYNC.


When you are finished installing the software update files to SYNC, bring your USB drive back to your computer to report your successful installation.

It's important that you report your successful software update installation back to us. This helps us alert you when future software updates are available.

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