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With available SYNC® AppLink™, you can use your voice to control a variety of mobile apps in your vehicle. Slacker® Radio, available for iPhone®, BlackBerry® and Android™ devices, is an app that allows you to listen to custom music, news, sports, and comedy stations everywhere you go. To find out if Slacker Radio is available for your mobile device, check your app store.27,43,53,63

Please note: SYNC AppLink is available on select models and compatible with select smartphone platforms. SYNC AppLink is not compatible with MyFord Touch. Commands may vary by phone and SYNC AppLink software.

Before You Start

Before getting started, make sure you are using a SYNC AppLink-compatible device that supports the Slacker Radio app. Slacker Radio works with SYNC AppLink and your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android device.

Once you've confirmed that your device is compatible with SYNC AppLink and Slacker Radio, follow these steps:

1. Familiarize yourself with the controls in your vehicle.

2. Download Slacker Radio from your phone's app store.*

3. Launch Slacker Radio on your mobile device.

4. Turn on your vehicle's ignition and make sure your phone is paired with SYNC.

*Refer to the terms and conditions of use of the app provider for more information on how your data is used.


1. Press Voice and say, "Mobile applications."
SYNC responds with "Mobile applications, please say a command."

2. Say, "Slacker."

To start using Slacker Radio, press Voice and say any of the following commands:


Voice Command

Play current station "Play station"
Play a pre-made playlist "Play playlist <Playlist name>"
Play playlist offline "Play cached playlist <Playlist name>"
Play station offline "Play cached station <Station name>"
Add current song to your Favorites "Heart song <Song title>"
Give a positive rating to current track to personalize station "I love this" or "This rocks"
Give a negative rating to current track to personalize station "I'm bored"
Prevent song or artist from ever playing again on a particular station
"Ban" or "Ban artist <Artist name>" or "Ban song <Song name>"
Hear info for current track and artist
"What's playing?"
Hear info for next track and artist
"What's next?"
Hear info for previous track and artist
"What was the last song?"
Get list of stations saved to your device
"List cached stations"
Get list of content saved to your device
"List cached content"
Get list of recently played stations
"List recently played"
Get list of most popular Slacker stations "List top stations"
Get list of your favorite stations "List my favorite stations"
Get playlists "List my playlists"
Get list of Slacker Spotlight stations "List Slacker Spotlight"
Switch shuffle mode "Toggle shuffle mode"
Hear randomly selected station "Surprise me"
Remove current station rating "Unrate"
Exit application "Exit"


You can use manual controls to listen to Slacker Radio, if desired.

1. Press Phone.

2. Browse to "Mobile Applications" menu option and press OK.
(If you have a Navigation radio, press the SYNC Apps tab, and then browse to "Mobile Applications.")

3. Select "Slacker Radio" and press OK.

To start using Slacker Radio, press a radio or steering wheel control to perform any of the following actions:


Manual Control

Play or pause Slacker station Press OK
Play station assigned to a preset Press Preset
Skip to next station within current category Press Seek Forward (>>|)
'Heart' currently playing song Press and hold Seek Forward (>>|)
Hear voice prompt to 'Ban' currently playing artist or song Press and hold Seek Backward (|<<)
Change station with current category Turn Tune Control


Note: Slacker automatically assigns your favorite and recently played stations to your vehicle's preset buttons.

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