How to identify your SYNC version

As with all innovative technology products, SYNC® has evolved since its introduction. There are three versions of SYNC available, depending on your vehicle’s model and year:27

1) SYNC (basic system and SYNC with MyFord®)

2) SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation

3) SYNC with MyFord Touch® 

identify your version of SYNC

Identify by display

SYNC has a center display that shows basic information, such as caller ID, song titles, a digital clock, and temperature. In vehicles equipped with SYNC with MyFord, the center display is a 4.2-inch LCD screen.


SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation has a color navigation screen in the center console that displays 3D maps and landmark icons.


SYNC with MyFord Touch has an interactive 8-inch color touchscreen in the center console.



Identify by key features

SYNC (basic system and SYNC with MyFord):

  • Hands-free calling
  • Voice control of your media player
  • SYNC AppLink™ (if available)63
  • 4.2-inch color cluster display (only on vehicles equipped with SYNC with MyFord)

SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation:

Includes the same features as the basic system, plus the following:

  • Voice-Activated Navigation
  • Color navigation screen
  • DVD capability (watch DVDs on the center display)
  • 10GB jukebox (room for about 2,400 songs)  
  • HD Radio™48

SYNC with MyFord Touch:

  • 8-inch color touchscreen
  • One or two 4.2-inch LCD displays in the instrument cluster
  • Media hub with two USB ports, SD card reader, and A/V input jacks
  • Mobile Wi-Fi® hotspot48
  • Five-way controls on the steering wheel 

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