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SYNC® voice commands can control your AM/FM radio, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, USB media player, or Bluetooth® Audio device.27 


Key points about Entertainment voice commands

Most of the SYNC entertainment systems start to play as soon as you load media. With indexed devices, such as USB media players, SYNC first uploads the index, so it can take a few minutes for play to begin.

If you're already listening to an entertainment system, SYNC assumes your voice command is for that mode. To switch to a different entertainment system, you must name it to switch modes. For example, if Bluetooth Audio is streaming, and you want your USB media player, say "USB,” then give USB commands.34,48

"Track" refers to audio track and is usually the same as "song."

USB voice commands

Before giving commands, connect the device to the USB port and wait for the index to upload. If you don't hear sound within a few minutes, press Voice, then say "USB." Names must be given exactly as listed on the device. 


voice Commands

Play music on your connected media player
"USB <1/2>"
Ex.: "USB"
Ex.: "USB 2"
Once you're in USB mode, you can:  
Play track "Play track <Name>"

Ex.: "Play track Symphony Number 9"
Play artist "Play artist <Name>"
Play genre "Play genre <name>"

Ex.: "Play genre jazz"
Play album "Play album <Name>"
Play playlist "Play playlist <Name>"

Ex.: "Play playlist Road Music"
Pause or resume play  "<Pause/Play>" 
Play previous/next track "Play <previous/next> track"
Play previous/next folder "Play <previous/next> folder"
Turn on/off Repeat  "Repeat <on/off>"
Turn on/off Shuffle "Shuffle <on/off>"
Play other tracks in the same genre/category "Similar music"
Hear title and artist of track playing    "What's this?"

Bluetooth Audio voice commands

Use these commands to play music over the Bluetooth connection.  


voice commands

Play music on your paired Bluetooth phone "Bluetooth Audio"
Once you're in Bluetooth Audio mode, you can:  
Play previous/next track "Play <previous/Next> track"
Pause or resume play "<Pause/Play>"


Line in voice commands

These commands will control devices connected to the auxiliary jacks.  


voice commands

Play portable device connected to the auxiliary jack "Line in"


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